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Gutters Dirty? We can clean them for you.

Make cleaning the exterior of your house painless. See our Residential Services section.

Why Choose Us?

We have employed Matt for almost 2 years. He maintains our gutters and does monthly window cleaning..

- A.Wall, Developer

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John Dureau
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easyClean Makes Your Business Look Good

We know how stressful managing a business can be, without making sure it’s well kept and maintained - Let us take care of your cleaning & exterior maintenance needs!

We provide Fast & FREE Quotes, and most of all, we’re reliable and dependable. We can assist you with providing a maintenance schedule to incorporate multiple services which we provide and continue with them on a suitable basis.

Window Cleaning

easyClean Window Cleaning


  • Interior & Exterior
  • Window frames & Tracks wiped clean.
  • All windows hand washed & hand detailed.

For both Interior & Exterior. All your windows will be cleaned by hand, from start to finish. We also wipe down the window frames and tracks too!




Gutter Cleaning

After cleaning hundreds, if not thousands, the best way to clean your Gutters is to hand clean and hand wipe, this method is good for all kinds and shapes of Gutter, from Hidden Gutters to K-Style, we can clean them all.

This method, removes all tiny grains, pine needles & maple leafs. All debris is removed and disposed responsibly. Once, we have cleaned your Gutters, we carry out a small inspection to make sure your Gutters are in full working order and report anything that may need some attention.

Power Washing

We can provide this service for multiple surfaces which require vigorous cleaning. We have all the equipment and cleaning products available and we are even fully equipped to provide mobile power washing for Offices & Stores that have inaccessible water outlets, or may not even have an exterior water outlet.

  • Store/Office-fronts
  • Parking Lots
  • Sidewalks
  • Retaining walls

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